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Food industry professionals

UAB Agrokonsultos grupe is a team of experienced, well educated, competent and hardworking people. We have a long time experience in food processing, preparing and packing industry. The main company goal is the implementation of modern and effective technologies in food industry reaching highest quality and economical revenue.
Food industry is and always will be one of the core industries in the world. It always changes and evolves, that is why we always track the latest trends in this field and deliver them to our clients. Alongside the implementation of the new equipment we always take care and maintain the current equipment our clients have.


Client needs are the first priority for our team, this is why we will consult you as much as it takes, so at the end we could clarify the best possible solution for YOU. We offer probably the longest warranty period in the market for our equipment. Also our team is made of salesmen and technicians who has a long term experience in food industry and will give 110% of their energy for you. Do not hesitate to contact us, we can guarantee, that you will be satisfied with the way we do business.
Our main partners are Marel, Tecno, Impex, Alke Agro, Alke Heating and many other highest quality food industry manufacturers. All equipment matches European Union and highest internal companies standards, thanks to which you will be able to maximize your production and reach highest potential economical revenue.

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