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Aviary systems presented during IPPE 2017!

Aviary systems: inspired by layers, designed for farmers Looking for alternative solutions for production of consumption eggs that still allows optimal production results? Jansen Poultry Equipment welcomes you at booth 8059 hall B during the IPPE Atlanta 2017 for the introduction of its Comfort 2 aviary system and NivoVaria rearing system. Both systems belong to an integrated solution for optimal production of quality consumption eggs and enable practical management tools for the farmer. Together with the Poultry Management service that the company offers customers, optimal results are guaranteed!

Comfort 2 aviary system: ‘Inspired by layers, designed for farmers’

During the IPPE Atlanta the Comfort 2 aviary system will be promoted. Jansen Poultry Equipment has already more than a decade experience in aviary systems for layers. The Comfort 2 aviary system is inspired by layers and designed for farmers as it meets the needs of layers and enables practical management for the farmer. Good overview on birds and nests simplifies daily inspection of the house. The well-designed and attractive laying nests result in a minimum of out-side nest eggs. Besides it’s comfortable characteristics for the bird, the nest mat and careful transfer from eggs to the egg belt contribute to the production of clean and crack-free eggs. The egg belt with its perforated structure transports eggs to a central egg gathering location. At this egg gathering location various solutions for automated egg packaging can be implemented.

NivoVaria rearing system: ‘Well-trained aviary pullets’

Essential for good results in layer production is the rearing of the young pullets. Special rearing systems train pullets to move between different levels. This training is essential for their future life in the aviary system as feed, water and laying nests are located at various heights. The NivoVaria rearing system adapts accordingly to the age of the pullets so they gradually learn how to move towards higher platforms as they grow. Winchable platforms, feeding lines, drinking lines and hinged platforms create height differences and stimulate movement. The systems enables practical management by its perfect overview on birds. House inspection is therefore simplified. The winchable system also simplify cleaning of the empty house in between flocks. During the IPPE Atlanta the NivoVaria rearing system will be displayed together with the Comfort 2 aviary system. Both systems make an integrated solution for optimal performance of layers and an maximum amount of high quality eggs.

Egg handling solutions : ‘Capture the quality of eggs during transport’

Handle eggs with great care and efficiency is essential to complete the production of hatching and consumption eggs. The FlexBelt egg transport system for consumption eggs and hatching eggs, and the MultiFlex Elevator egg transport system for consumption eggs, preserve the egg quality during transport of the eggs to the central collecting point. Both systems prevent dirt by the open structure of the egg carries. The carefull handling of eggs prevents cracks and therefore preserve the quality of the egg shell. The Farmpacker egg packer and Hatchery packer ensure fast and safe packaging of approximately 24,000 – 28,000 eggs per hour. To complete the fully automatic egg handling process, a Cobot palletizing robot ensures precise positioning of trays or setter tray in containers or on pallets.

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