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Marel Meat Processing B.V. becomes Marel Meat B.V.

As per 26th of June all activities for the red meat industry within Marel in Boxmeer (Netherlands) will be executed under the (legal) name of Marel Meat B.V.

This decision was made in support of our strategy to harmonize naming within Marel after the acquisition of MPS (Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands) last year.

The name change has no effect on the current names of other Marel entities within the meat industry; Red Meat Slaughtering, Food Logistic Systems, Water Treatment and Meat Service.

Note that our VAT number and contact details will remain the same.

Our aim is to capture synergies and simplify communication towards our customers and stakeholders.

This effort will allow us to capitalize on teaming up with our sister organizations Marel Fish and Marel Poultry while continuing to work on total solutions for the red meat industry.

Please feel free to reach out to your Marel contacts in case of questions, we will be happy to assist you.

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